Finance and Payments

Find out if finance makes the difference

Often a the price isn’t the big stumbling block to clients as the savings show it is a worthy investment.

Often the stumbling block is the availability to the money.

Finance and other payment options can make this very viable opportunity, but don’t take our word for it, let us run the projections for you.

Often people see that despite the additional cost of the financing, the savings can still be very high, whilst still adding the value to your home.


Options Available


A simple method we take the majority of our payments via.

We can send you a simple invoice with our bank details and you just have to pop them in online or in the mobile app.


We can now take both debit card or all major credit card payments. 

Debit cards can be a quick and easy way to pay whereas credit cards can be utilised for interest free payment periods.



We can connect you with various options or assist you with your own. 

We can adjust the financial projections taking fees into account to give you a picture of your lifetime savings


Use other finance options like mortgage, personal loan or money transfers on cards.

We can update the projections to make sure it is viable once fees have been applied.

Making Informed Decisions

Get in contact today and we can help discuss options to help you make an informed choice about what works for you.

Don’t make a decision before you’ve seen the projections. We won’t press you into a sale and no one else should either.

How did we get into finance?

Once our director Howard realised the money he could be saving by installing the solar, the next task was paying for it. Having just spent a fair amount on his battery set up (to give him the ability to save cheap electricity over night at 10p), he didn’t have the money to spend on solar. Anyone who knows Howard knows when he sees a good idea and has researched it properly, he doesn’t tend to hang around. As soon as he saw them to be honest his mind was made up. He could add thousands to the value of his home and make savings, it seemed to good to be true. Anyone who knows Howard knows when he sees a good idea and has researched it properly, he doesn’t tend to hang around.

Numbers game

Howard ran the numbers, ran the numbers and ran them again. He checked every inch of the formulas for errors before he decided to go ahead and find finance.

Enter finance company search

This was the last part that finally made it possible for him, finance. He was as diligent with his finance research as he was with his solar research and as a result we have a great network of finance providers

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